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At TreeAdvisor, we know that property maintenance is a big investment – especially if it’s a commercial property. There are many problems that property managers might have to deal with that could potentially jeopardize the value, appeal, and health of their investment. Here are the 3 most common commercial property maintenance problems and how they can negatively effect commercial property owners. By listing these likely problems, you will be able to take proactive steps to avoid them!

1) Poor Landscaping

If your commercial property is surrounded by dead or unattractive trees, it could create a negative first impression on your employees, customers, and vendors. Not only are they visibly unappealing but dying trees can also be seen as a liability as branches can easily snap off and injure someone. It is recommended for a commercial property to be filled with lush landscaping and seasonal plants to project the notion that your building is professional and well-kept.

2) Lack Of Weed Removal

Not controlling or removing noxious and invasive weeds shows guests that you don’t care about the wellbeing of your facility. A property flooded with overgrown weeds will eventually threaten the health of your surrounding landscaping, including grass, plants, and trees. Removing these unwanted plants will display an aura of professionalism and prestige to both your employees and your customers.

3) Insufficient Lighting

Commercial properties need entrances that welcome and invite customers. If there is no emphasis on your entrance or highlight on your business sign in the evening, it is not a nonsensical notion to think that you are turning away customers. People will find it hard to locate your building which could lead to them taking their business elsewhere. Just think about it, although you are saving money on your electric bill, you’re potentially losing tons in revenue.

Call a professional to handle your commercial properly.

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