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The single most important aspect of having a healthy lawn is to adopt proper mowing techniques. Sometimes even pros they don’t know how to mow a lawn, they are doing it is because is just their job, not their passion. Follow these simple rules to get it right.

Lawn mower mowing grass

Proper mowing involves:

• mowing height.

• mulching.

• The sharpness of your mower’s blade.

• Time of day.

• Frequency.

Proper lawn care takes a bit more effort than just lawn mowing. You need to water, fertilize, seed and regularly aerate your lawn. 

Lawns are an important component of many home landscapes. Good cultural practices are necessary to achieve a healthy, attractive lawn. One important cultural practice is fertilization. The benefits of a well-maintained lawn fertilization program are good turf color, quality and density.

With the right plan, the right grass seeds for your region, appropriate lawn fertilizer and a dependable lawn mower, your grass will be healthy and thriving in no time. The two main types of turf grass are warm season grass and cool season grass. Pick the grass seed that matches the climate and your yard’s sun exposure. If you prefer to grow grass without the help of chemicals, we suggest organic lawn care solutions as well as artificial turf that never needs watering.

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Everything you need to know about maintaining your lawn

First buy a dependable lawn mower

There’s no doubt about it: a lawn mower is an investment. Once you buy one, especially a pricier one, you’re kind of stuck with it unless you want to go through the hassle of trying to sell it if you don’t like it. There’s too many brands out there that you want to stay away from them that I don’t want to mention not to waste your time reading about it, instead I can recommend some good ones. This recommendation is for homeowner lawnmowers. I will do another article for commercial ones. Just remember, a mower is only as good as the weekly, monthly and annual maintenance you provide.


Our Lawnmower Recommendation

So we compiled a list of some of the very best lawnmowers for your lawn currently available:


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