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While cardiologists and optometrists may both deal with medicine, they have two very different practices. The same is true with landscapers or gardeners and lawn care companies. License landscapers usually specialize to plant trees, shrubs, laying sod and build hardscapes. On the other hand gardeners maintain the landscapes like mowing, edging, blowing and trimming shrubs. Sometimes a landscaper do both services.

Would you want your eye doctor performing heart surgery on you? Of course not!!!

Just because a landscaper or a gardener has a spreader or a sprayer does not mean that they are licensed and trained properly to apply fertilizers and or pesticides products. They need to have a pest control operator license and every single pesticide applicator in the company must have their own applicator license or certificate. It also depends on the state where the company operates, like in Florida, if the are applying fertilizers, every one on the company needs to have a certificate of training Best Management Practices and the Ltd Commercial Fertilizer Applicator license. Always check to make sure that your lawn care company and technician is in fact licensed and trained in lawn care.

The single most important aspect of having a healthy lawn is to adopt proper mowing techniques. Sometimes even pros don't know how to mow a lawn, they are doing it because it is just their job, not their passion.
Proper mowing involves:

  • • mowing height.
  • • mulching.
  • • The sharpness of your mower’s blade.
  • • Time of day.
  • • Frequency.

Lawns are an important component of many home landscapes. Good cultural practices are necessary to achieve a healthy, attractive lawn. One important cultural practice is fertilization. The benefits of a well-maintained lawn fertilization program are good turf color, quality and density.

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