Tree Care – It’s a Serious Decision

Tree Care

It’s a serious decision

Why Not to Attempt Tree Removal on Your Own

Reasons for pruning

Trees are beautiful and can be an asset to many properties. However, there are many times when trees can decline and become hazardous and become a liability or are no longer wanted due to other reasons.

Considered both an art and a science, pruning has changed dramatically over the last 30 to 40 years. There are many valid reasons for pruning or removing trees and shrubs. However, the most important reasons are for safety, health, and appearance.

Tree cut down

Why hire a certified arborist?

Trees are a long-term investment for property owners and managers and like any other investment, trees require effort to keep their value. Not taking the time to hire a reputable tree service may create greater problems in the future and be more costly in the long run. For example, storm damage cleanup is extremely dangerous, even for professionals!


Do not use a chainsaw if you are not experienced in operating it or if you are not physically fit. If you must use a chainsaw, seek training, work only on the ground, and always use the proper personal protective equipment.

• Never do any tree work that involves falling trees, climbing of any kind, or using ladders and/or ropes

• Never cut above shoulder height. If you have to hold the saw higher than your shoulder, the branches are too high, and you should not be using a chainsaw.

• Professional tree workers are required by law to use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Homeowners should wear the same protection as the professional or NOT do the work at all!

Call a professional to handle all other situations.

How to hire the right tree care professional

Need a Tree Pro? We will tell you the secret questions for you to hire the best one. Read these before you let anyone touch your trees!!!

Download the following questions to help you find a qualified arborist

    Talk to a certified specialist about your unique pest or disease problem or any outdoor project. We can help you fix any potential risks and recommend products that can approve your plant health care or help you with your next project.

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